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Buddhist Studies

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General Buddhism

AAR Teaching and Learning
A site of the American Academy of Religions which explains the mandate of the Committee on Teaching and Learning and provides links to related sites, including the AAR’s Syllabi Project, New Technologies Task Force, and selected articles from Spotlight on Teaching.

ASDP Project
Asian Studies Development Program’s database of Asian Studies syllabi and bibliographies. ASDP is a joint program of the East-West Center and the University of Hawaii.

Australia National University’s Sparsabhumi: Buddhist and Indological Studies
Extensive and varied collection of Buddhist Studies resources including links to institutions, projects, e-texts, e-journals, libraries, booksellers, philosophical resources and art resources.

Berkeley Buddhist Research Center
Homepage of the Group in Buddhist Studies at the University of California at Berkeley. It contains links to Buddhist manuscripts and inscription projects, publications, electronic publications, information on Buddhist Studies events and projects at Berkeley, and links to Internet resources.

Buddhism basics and art images from the University of Western Sydney.

Buddhist Studies World Wide Web Virtual library
Extensive, wide-ranging collection of Buddhist Studies resources including Buddhism sites, electronic texts and journals, Buddhist art, a directory of meditation and study centers and resource collections for several Buddhist traditions.

Center for Buddhist Studies at National Taiwan University
Comprehensive collection of Buddhist resources for academics, including texts of journals, books, sutras, language lessons, Buddhist news, and lists of Buddhist institutes.

Dharma Realm Buddhist Association
Provides numerous translations of sutras and many other great services.

Dharma Realm Buddhist Association - Lotus Translation
The Wonderful Dharma Lotus Flower Sutra (the Lotus Sutra), complete with commentary by Tripitaka Master Hsuan Hua.

Mahayana Buddhist Sutras Translation
A site dedicated to help English readers interested in learning more about Mahayana Buddhism. Provides links to the English translations of Mahayana Buddhist Sutras.

A complete translation of the Lotus Sutra.

SGI-USA Translation of the Lotus Sutra
A translation of the Lotus sutra by Burton Watson. Provided by SGI-USA. Also provides other useful services.

Tendai Lotus Teachings
The Tendai Lotus organizations original , English translation of the "Verse in Proclamation of the Buddha" (Nyorai Juryou Honge) from the Wonderfully Proclaimed Lotus Sutra (Myo-Hou Renge Kyou).

University of Illinois Lotus Translation
Another translation of the Lotus sutra this time offered by the University of Illinois.

Voice of the Shuttle web page for Humanities Research
Provides links to Buddhist Studies resources.

Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology
Provides Internet resources on Buddhism, including syllabi and teaching resources, electronic texts and journals, Web sites, bibliographies, and listserv discussion groups.

Web Jump Station for the Anthropology of Religion
University of Alabama Department of Anthropology’s collection of links about various religions including Buddhism.


East Asian and Vajrayana

Gateway to the Mind Only Café
This site is hosted by Joe Wilson, professor of Asian Philosophy and Religion at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Contains links related to Yogacara Buddhism as well as other kinds of Buddhist philosophy, Tibet and Asian Studies, and multimedia education.

Korean Studies: Buddhism
Part of the Seoul National University Library site. Contains a variety of links to Korean Buddhist resources on the Web.

Resources for the Study of East Asian Language and Thought
Very detailed collection of resources. Includes articles, dictionaries, bibliographies and on-line texts with sections on Yogacara, Korean and East Asian Buddhism.

Society for the Study of Japanese Religions
A collection of links related to Japanese religions. Topics include general web research sources, religion-specific sites, journals and publishing, Japanese society, and study abroad programs.

Buddhism in the West 

Buddhist Worlds in the USA
This site is intended as a supplement to the book Buddhism in America by Richard Hughes Seager. It explores the development of Buddhist traditions and communities in the West.

European Buddhist Union Project and Working Group
Describes the European Buddhist Union Project's mission statement, an on-line document about Buddhism and education in Europe, and links to other European Buddhist education resources.


The Electronic Bodhidharma (IRIZ Web site)
The site of the International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism, Kyoto, Japan. Detailed collection of Zen Buddhism resources including electronic texts, institute information, art, Zen centres etc.

Related Asian Studies, Religious Studies and General Teaching Sites

American Forum for Global Education

A good lesson on Ramayana offered by the American Forum for Global Education.

Asia EdNet (formerly known as Asia Online)
"An Australian government-funded project which provides online services and professional development to teachers who are including studies of Asia across the curriculum in schools. Services include a discussion group, a noticeboard of events, an online directory of Internet resources and an extensive online professional development tutorial on using the Internet to support the studies of Asia in schools" (supplied note). 

Asia for Educators
A Columbia University site which provides a detailed collection of teaching aids (workbooks, lesson plans etc.), lists of resources, and multimedia presentations on topics concerning China and Japan.

Asian Studies Resources
Provides on-line resources including search engines, teaching sites, Buddhism sites, and general Asia sites.

Asian Educational Media Service
The AEMS site provides an extensive database of audio-visual materials for teachers. The database is searchable by title, media type, audience level, subject matter, and geographic region.

The site is described in Sarah Barbour "Bringing Sight and Sound to the Classroom." Education About Asia 5.2 (Fall 2000) : 45-46.

Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning
This Harvard University site has annotated lists of on-line documents, films, videos and books that address theoretical and practical approaches to teaching.

Guide for Teachers, East Asian Study Center of Indiana University
Provides study guides, literature, arts activities, and map study.

History Alive Ancient World History

An excellent resource rich with rich with useful activities and ideas and valuable information offered by the development team at the Teacher's Curriculum Institute.

Matrix - The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online

A field leader in digitization of oral histories and sound through its NSF National Digital Library II Matrix offers many projects of interest as well as offering teaching and IT resources for teaching. Located at Michigan University.

National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies
Provides a database, teaching resources, and Web resources on Japan studies. Includes material for K – 12 educators.

Project South Asia
A Missouri Southern State College project to be developed between 2000 and 2002. This site will provide teaching resources on South Asia, promote interaction between South Asian Studies departments, and publish an on-line journal, Teaching South Asia.

Southeast Asia Web
Southeast Asia Web's Academic, Teaching and Student Resources provides an annotated collection of on-line academic teaching and student resources as well as a Southeast Asia Web Directory.

Spirituality in Education
A site to complement the Naropa Institute’s Spirituality in Education Conference. Contains selected transcripts of the conference, on-line seminars and information on the participants, including several Buddhist teachers.

UCLA Asian Studies Resources
Wide-ranging resources on East Asian Studies for K-12 through graduate level studies. Includes guides to films, educational materials, institutes for teachers, job opportunities, and resources for K-12 teachers.

Resources from Buddhist Institutions and Personal Pages

General Buddhism East Asian and Vajrayana Theravada Women and Buddhism Zen

General Buddhism

Buddha Mind
Creative site for introducing children and young adults to Buddhist belief and practice.

Buddhist Peace Fellowship
Provides information on the philosophy of engaged Buddhism, descriptions of Buddhist Peace Fellowship projects, and related links.

Extensive resources for the practitioner and the academic, from on-line libraries to Buddhist community initiatives.

Essentials of Buddhism
Provides clear definitions of basic concepts such as the Four Noble Truths, Five Skandas etc.

Le site du bouddhism francophone
Provides some Francophone Buddhist resources such as Francophone Buddhist centres and a limited collection of articles on Buddhism.

What do you think, my friend? (A selection of writings on Buddhism)
A personal page which contains articles, essays, poems, scriptures, and links to other sites. Provides lighter, less academic Buddhist resources that might still be of use in the classroom. 

East Asian and Vajrayana

Dharma Haven
Provides information and resources on Tibetan Buddhism such as books, Buddhist Studies programs, links to on-line Dharma teachings, and essays by the page designer, Terry Halwes, on topics including Shambala teachings and Western science.

A Shin Buddhist site that provides varied information on Buddhism and related Internet links. Includes a list of Buddhist academic resources such as Asian Studies and Buddhist Studies sites, bookstores, libraries, mailing lists, and on-line Buddhist texts.

Ngawang Geleg's Buddhist Home Page
A Tibetan Buddhism page with Buddhist prayers in Real Audio format, and a large collection of Tibetan Buddhist resources including Dharma teachings, pages dedicated to teachers, an art gallery, Buddhist symbols and stories.


Access to Insight
A Theravada Buddhism site which provides an introduction to Theravada Buddhism, numerous on-line Theravada texts, a glossary of terms and frequently asked questions.

Zolag publishing company site. Provides information on books, book reviews, articles and news on Theravada Buddhism.

Women and Buddhism

Sakyadhita: The International Association of Buddhist Women
A collection of resources on contemporary Buddhist women. Includes information on conferences, publications, research activities, ordination, retreats, and an annotated bibliography.

Women Active in Buddhism
A collection of links and resources on women in Buddhism. Includes a list of Buddhist women scholars, and on-line Dharma teachings by women.


Includes some Zen Buddhist writings, and links to Zen on the Web.

The Zen Web of Original Mind
Provides links to Zen resources. 

Search Engines

Annotated Guide to WWW Search Engines of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library
Includes multithreaded search engines and search engines for specific Asian countries.

A search engine that looks for content rather than key words. It will provide a list of sites that contain portions of whatever text you submit.

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